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Cats come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are mysterious and fascinating creatures, that can leave their paw prints on our hearts forever. Whether a small kitten just learning about life or an experienced senior who has “seen it all,” each comes with their own personality, life experience, and “catitude.”

Could one possibly imagine a better life for a cat than living in Hawaiʻi, a land of balmy weather, plenty to eat and drink, safety from predators? The truth is, the life of a feral cat all over the world is difficult and often very short. It is no different in Hawaiʻi.

During my first visit to Lānaʻi, Hawaiʻi, friends explained about the difficult life of the many feral cats on the island. Learning of the need to rescue and provide a safe and permanent home for feral cats led to my desire to volunteer in some way. It also led the way to an understanding of how reducing the number of feral cats brings about the protection of native birds and the environment. Inspired by the true story of my friend rescuing a day-old kitten, I wrote the book, Nāhoa the Lucky Cat of Lānaʻi, to convey this message.

It is important that humans become aware of the life a feral cat lives in order to help the desperate situation they find themselves in. Education is the way to understanding and change. For, as the cat population is reduced (through spay and neutering) and sanctuaries and adoptive homes are provided, so, too, is the environment and the native bird population protected.

Stories are an entertaining way to learn important lessons. It is our hope that through stories, such as that of Nāhoa on the island of Lānaʻi, we can reach out to children, as well as adults, and encourage them to become part of the compassionate effort to care for feral cats in their own neighborhoods. The goal for the feral cat population is to reduce and eliminate hunger, disease and overpopulation, and to help to protect the native bird population in Hawaii as well.

Nāhoa The Lucky Cat of Lānaʻi Nahoa Book Cover The story of a lucky kitten who is rescued on Lānaʻi. Nāhoa learns of the difficult life of a feral cat from her mother, who was also later rescued. They both find a safe and happy life adopted by humans or living forever at the cat sanctuary on Lānaʻi.